Lake Vermilion, Minnesota

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota

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Our line of engraved maps all started with the creation of a family gift, a single panel of Casco Bay in Maine. Now we create lake maps of coveted lakes from all over the USA.

First we create our uniquely modern silhouette of the coast and its waterways. Then we hand paint a birch wall art panel in one of our color options. Finally, we engrave the art into the panel, revealing the beautiful wood grain for water while leaving the pristine painted surface to create the contrast of the land.

Our Laser Engraved Lake Maps highlight your favorite areas. They are a celebratory piece of a place that holds a lot of memories, like where you got married, where you vacation, or where you would rather be. A true gift that stands the test of time. Add a personal touch with our Map Markers to call out those special places near and dear. Each map includes a set of three small waypoints, cut from solid walnut: a house, a heart, and a classic waypoint symbol. Should you want to highlight a specific place of interest on the panel, simply dab a bit of glue (not included) on the waypoint of your choosing and affix it to the desired location.

Each map is ready to hang out of the box.

Sizes available: 12“ x 16“ and 18“ x 24“

Designed and crafted with love at our studio in Maine.

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