Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster

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The mythical Blue Lobster! They do exist but finding one is super rare. Bring the hunt to your Christmas tree with our Blue Lobster ornament! Cut from painted birch, this intricate crustacean will add a bit of new Maine Family Tradition to your tree, as family & friends try to find where you hung it! Just be sure to have something on hand as a prize for the successful Lobstermen who find it.

Designed & crafted at our small shop in Maine.

Includes a tag with our Blue Lobster holiday tradition limerick.

"The Blue Lobster
A New Maine Family Tradition

Caught in a trap
and plucked from the sea,
there's a rare lobster hidden
somewhere in this tree.

With a shell that's blue
they're not commonplace.
To find it, as I did,
is the challenge you'll face.

I hung it there
with no special technique.
It's ready and waiting,
for all to seek.

So start the search
to begin your mission,
and we'll all take part in
a new Maine family tradition."

Handmade and laser cut
Materials: birchwood and latex paint
Chocolate brown hemp twine for hanging

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